• Wendy L. Alexander

    Founder of the Global Success Society

    Cross-Cultural Consultant and International Strategist



    CEO of Inspiring-decisions, LLC



    Services offered:

    • Cross-cultural Training
    • Speaker
    • Strategic International Business Solutions
    • International Event Consultant 
    • Product Distribution Import/Export

  • Eryka T. Johnson

    GSS Co-Founder

    Visibility and Profit Strategist, Leadership Expert and Engineering Leader



    Services offered:

    • Soft Skills/Leadership Training
    • Business Development Consulting and Book writing
    • Brand Media Kit
    • Speaker
    • STEM Education

  • Dr. Robyn S. Joppy

    GSS Co-Founder

    Founder & CEO of Pearls Management



    Services offered:

    • Business Management
    • Artist Management
    • Brand Enhancement
    Founder & CEO of One Accord Consulting firm
    Services offered:
    • Compliance/Ethics Plan Development & Implementation
    • Compliance Training and Education
    • Program Review
    Founder & Visionary of International Shades of Beauty

  • HE Laila Rahhal El Atfani

    GSS Executive Board Member

    Dubia, United Arab Emirates



    Services offered:

    • Goodwill Ambassador of “FAAVM” (Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities) Women Empowerment
    • Founder and President of Business Gate 
    • Vice President of the Voice Magazine Middle East 
    • Vice President of Youth Gate Cambodia
    • President of the Women's Empowerment Anouar Association
    • Global President of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club UK
    • Special Advisor to the President of the AACID (Arab African Council for Integration and Development)
    • Head of Diplomacy and Protocol of WPC (Works Peace Committees organization NGO)