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    About Us

    "I started the Global Success Society to activate a powerful assembly of female entrepreneurs from all over the world. As an acclaimed business consultant and successful entrepreneur, I draw on my years of international experience to help other like-minded women achieve lasting success. Whether you require support, guidance, or confidence, I will facilitate the creation of an unstoppable network of women that will make you proud to join."

    - Wendy Alexander

    Founder of Global Success Society

  • Vision


    To build a global platform that provides support, connects women to opportunities, networks, businesses and expertise that empower.



    At Global Success Society, we are creating a platform for independent business women to share, learn, grow, and thrive. By offering international travel and networking opportunities, we can provide guidance and support to women who see the value of united leadership. Through our dedication to bringing you closer to your goals, we remain committed to achieving our vision of establishing an extensive connection of female entrepreneurs.



    • Meaning Collaboration
    • Trustworthily Advice 
    • Heartfelt Encouragement 
    • Accountability Partners
    • International Travel Opportunities
    • Monthly mastermind group and bi-weekly calls to set goals and take your business to the next level
    • Providing a space for issues to be discussed without judgment
    • Feeling supported by like-minded women, more comfortable to show up authentically; with others genuinely cheering you on
    • Share experiences, opportunities, and ideas, and that enables confidence and success to grow
    • Knowing you are not alone 
  • Ten Pillars of GSS


    1. Wellness, Health and Beauty

    2. Finance

    3. Media, Entertainment and Graphic Design

    4. Education, Training and Consulting

    5. Philanthropy

    6. Faith

    7. Business, Career and Entrepreneurship

    8. Speaker and Author

    9. Event Planning

    10. Real Estate

  • We stand for.....



    The system we build will rely on the support of its contributors. When trust is in place, we will be unstoppable.



    We encourage a diverse group of successful women from all over the world to add to the fabric of our vibrant network.



    We believe in surrounding each other with positive energy and mutual determination to set the tone for our combined successes.



    In everything we do, transparency remains key. We’ll always keep the lines of communication open and explain our actions to you and our wider audiences.