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    We are looking for Global Ecosystem Ambassadors. We need women who are ready to help, create, and support global opportunities and initiatives. Please answer the following questions to determine if this opportunity is for you:

    • Are you willing to collaborate and support other women globally? 
    • Are you willing to volunteer your time?
    • Do you have a desire to travel, speak, or provide services globally? 
    • Are you wanting to give back and make a change in today’s world? 

    If you answered yes, then this opportunity is for you! We need you!

  • Please note: We are looking for ambassadors from all over the world.

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    You will help bring people together, by supporting and creating local ecosystems.



    • Speaking opportunities, ability to participate in local and global events for free or a reduced fee. (Please note: Speaking opportunities will require a short video and may require speaker training prior to approval.)
    • Free or reduced fees for training, coaching and mentoring.
    • Participate and create social change initiatives.
    • Access to global champions and resources.
    • The opportunity to be a champion of a global movement and make a change.


    Please note: You will be required to attend an online orientation and training.

  • Fill in our form...

    Please answer all of the questions or write NA if not applicable. Application processing takes up to one week after submission. We will email you if your application has been approved or not approved. If you haven’t heard back from us, please email us at info@globalsuccesssociety.com